About Us

A 100-year history!

The history of Hotel Bar Limone is almost a century old, handed down from generation to generation - it’s the history of the Girardi family, which left their mark on the small village of Limone sul Garda for almost 100 years. A story of traditions, hard work and big dreams.

It all began around the 1930s, when the eldest son, Aldo Girardi, decided to pursue his passion for mechanics, opening a small workshop (which can still be found today, on SS 45 Gardesana Bis).

Over the years, a petrol station, a small car wash and a bar, the “Bar Limone” were built. The bar was managed by Ester, Aldo's wife

Around 1960-1965, the first rooms dedicated to overnight guests came to life and subsequently the current building now housing Hotel Limone was developed.

In the same period, Aldo and Ester had three children: Gianpaolo, Alberto and Mauro, who followed in the family business. Aldo and Ester were very well known and respected in the small town, so much so that they were called “Nonno Aldo” and “Nonna Ester” by everyone, including the first tourists.

In the early 2000s, the new generation took over the management, especially Gianpaolo, also known as “Giampa”, and Alberto, known by everyone as “Aller”.

Giampa has always stood out as a kind of “jack of all trades”, making him an essential part of life at the hotel thanks to his love and attention for every kind of job; while Aller is known for his talent in the world of drinks, from wine to grappa, entertaining all customers!

Nowadays, Gianpaolo's children and their grandchildren, Manuela and Michele, are slowly taking over the business once again, continuing to take care of the family history, tradition, and promotion of the surrounding area.

This is Bar Hotel Limone. A family business, owned by the Girardi family which has the care, wellbeing and satisfaction of its customers as a top priority. Hotel Limone has nothing but to offer besides smiles on faces, on the palate and on the eyes.